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In this section it can be found a list of the thesis and technical reports produced by members of the Geodesy Group. Every link follows to the electronic format.

1975-February Report on Geocentric and Geodetic Datums P. Vanicek
1981-October The Zero Frequency Response of Sea Level to Meteorological Influences P. Vanicek,

C.L. Merry

1981-September Diagrammatic Approach to Solve Least Squares Adjustment and Collocation Problems M. Karim
1985-November Least-Squares Spectral Analysis Revisited D. Wells,

P. Vaníček,

S. Pagiatakis

1982-December Ocean Tide Loading, Body Tide and Polar Motion Effects on Very Long Baseline Interferometry S.D. Pagiatakis
1984-May Heights on a Deforming Earth G. Carrera
1985-November Rigorous Densification of Horizontal Geodetic Networks F.N. Lugoe
1987-December The Canadian Geoid P. Vaníček

A. Kleusberg

R.G. Chang

H. Fashir

N. Christou

M. Hofman

T. Kling

T. Arsenault

1988-July Ocean Tide Loading on a Self-Gravitating, Compressible, Layered, Anisotropic, Visco-Elastic and Rotating Earth with Solid Inner Core and Fluid Outer Core S.D. Pagiatakis
1990-September Computation of a File of Geoidal Heights Using Molodenskij's Truncation Method P. Vaníček

C. Zhang

P. Ong

1991-May The Compilation of a Map of Recent Vertical Crustal Movements in Canada G. Carrera

P. Vaníček

M.R. Craymer

1991-September Robustness Analysis P. Vaníček

E.J. Krakiwsky

M.R. Craymer

Yang Gao

P.S. Ong

1992-August Determination of Geoidal Height Difference Using Ring Integration Method A. Tsen
1995-November Real-Time Orbit Improvement for GPS Satellites M.C. Santos
1996-March A Seamless Vertical-Reference Surface for Acquisition, Management and ECDIS Display of Hydrographic Data D.E. Wells

A. Kleusberg

P. Vaníček

1996-March Application of Robustness Analysis to Large Geodetic Networks P. Vaníček

P. Ong

E.J. Krakiwsky

M.R. Craymer

1996-August Compilation of a Precise Regional Geoid P. Vaníček

A. Kleusberg

Z. Martinec

W. Sun

P. Ong

M. Najafi

P. Vajda

L. Harrie

P. Tomasek

B. ter Horst

1999-April Development and Testing of In-Context Confidence Regions for Geodetic Survey Networks E.J. Krakiwsky

D.J. Szabo

P. Vaníček

M.R. Craymer

2000-December Evaluation of Gravity Data for the Stokes-Helmert Solution to the Geodetic Boundary-Value Problem P. Novák
2002-February On Picard Criterion and the Well-Posed Nature of Harmonic Downward Continuation J.C.F. Wong
2002-July Computational Methods for the Discrete Downward Continuation of the Earth Gravity and Effects of Lateral Topographical Mass Density Variation on Gravity and the Geoid J. Huang
2003-January Honoring the Academic Life of Petr Vaníček Ed. M. Santos
2005-April Early Results Towards the Canadian Geoid in the Three-Space Scenario H. Yang
2006-July Robustness Analysis of Geodetic Networks M. Berber
2007-April A Physically Meaningful Model of Vertical Crustal Movements in Canada Using Smooth Piecewise Algebraic Approximation: Constraints for Glacial Isostatic Adjustment Models A. Koohzare
2012-October Assessment of Atmospheric Pressure Loading on the International GNSS REPRO1 Solutions Periodic Signatures James Daniel Mtamakaya
2012-January Advances in Gravity Based Height Systems Robert Kingdon
2015-August Determination of a Geoid Model for Ghana Using the Stokes-Helmert Method Michael Adjei Klu