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Gravity Field and Geodynamics

Geodesy Group


Precise (<1cm) geoid for Canada (NSERC; NCE; NRC, NATO)

- Boundary values formulation for the S-H problem

- Far-zone contributions to topographical effects

- Poisson downward continuation (software)

- Topo-density effect (paper preview)

Analysis of different Stokes's kernels performance (Curtin University)

Natural Hazards Monitoring and Prediction (NCE; GEOIDE Network, Project ENV#17)

Earth-models discrimination via gravimetric terrestrial spectroscopy of superconducting-gravimeter global seismograms (GEOIDE Network, Project ENV#17)

GALOS - Geodetic Aspects of the Law of the Sea (United Nations Committee)

- ABLOS - Advisory Board on Geodetic Aspects of the Law of the Sea

- Propagation of errors from shore baselines seaward (paper preview)

Horizontal datum transformations

Navigating by means of a position potential function

Optimal cartographic mapping for Iran

Optimum choice of modification and degree of reference field

The Earth Gravity Field and Synthetic gravity field design (NSERC; Australian Research Council)

Truncated geoid (Slovak Academy of Sciences)

The robustness of geodetic networks