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GGE News - 2018

Petr Vaníček Wins Best Paper Award

Professor Emeritus Petr Vaníček attended SGEM 2018, the 18th International Multidisciplinary Scientific GeoConference, which was held in Albena, Bulgaria, from 30 June until 9 July, 2018. During the conference, he read a paper entitled "Our metre is too short: blame gravity for it” based on the research that he and his Ph.D. student Ismael Foroughi had carried out during the previous six months. To his surprise, the paper was voted by the participants to have been the best one given at the conference. Professor Vaníček was presented with a trophy and a certificate.

SGEM is an Austrian organization that stages conferences organised primarily for Russian and East European scientists. This particular conference had about 1,000 attendees, with very few of them being from other parts of the world.

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Spring Graduate Seminar and Student Technical Conference

The GGE Spring 2018 Graduate Seminar and Student Technical Conference was held on Thursday, 15 March. The well-attended activity showcased the work of six Ph.D. and five M.Sc.E., making presentations of their selected topics previously documented in formal papers.

This round included high quality presentations covering topics from three of our GGE disciplines: geodesy, ocean mapping, remote sensing, and geographic information science. The sessions were chaired by Heather Nicholson, a GGE Ph.D. student. You can download the seminar agenda, including the presentation abstracts, by clicking here.

After the event, the UNB team who competed in the 2018 Esri App Challenge presented the results of their project entitled: “Frustrated Parkers.”

Click on the thumbnail to get a better look.

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GGE Researchers Dr. Shabnam Jabari and Dr. Yun Zhang Invited to Parliament Hill

Dr. Shabnam Jabari, a postdoctoral fellow in UNB's Department of Geodesy and Geomatics Engineering, and GGE's Dr. Yun Zhang were invited by the Canada Foundation for Innovation to the CFI Parliamentary Outreach Event on 13 February 2018. The occasion provided researchers, mentors, and advisors with an opportunity to showcase their research to politicians and senior government officials.

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