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On the Radio

Listen to the GGE radio commercials that have played on Fred FM, Fredericton's classic rock radio station (CFRK, 92.3 MHz):

"Graduates of UNB's world-renowned Geomatics Engineering are in very high demand."
"Everyone wants to know what's going on in the world, and nobody knows better than the peole who study Geomatics Engineering."
"Small class sizes where people know your name, 100% employment rate world-wide."
"Hey parents, so your kids have been telling you they want to do big things."
"Hi, I'm Kim Delorey, Undergraduate Secretary of Geodesy & Geomatics Engineering, and I'm Professor Marcelo Santos; we would like to offer you the chance to enroll in a life-changing experience."
"Hi, this is Dave from Geomatics Engineering at UNB."
"So you're just getting out of high school, and you're looking for a real adventure."