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Oromocto High School Joins List of Schools Surveyed

In May 1999, students in their second year of the geomatics program conducted a topographic survey of Oromocto High School (OHS). This project was part of the SE 2103 Survey Camp II, which not only provides the students with practical experience but also gives the high school an up-to-date plan of their facilities. The control for this project was established utilizing a combination of both GPS established points (gathered with Ashtech Z12 receivers) and the New Brunswick control monuments. The field data were then gathered using 2 Leica total stations (T2000 and T1600), each with different data collection systems, and C&G software was used to process the data and to plot the plan in the New Brunswick mapping coordinate system.

A group of OHS students was selected (by Calvin MacDonald, OHS teacher) to participate in this project and also to obtain exposure to our Department and to the scope of our program. This was accomplished by first having an overview presentation made to the students prior to the start of camp (by Dr. David Coleman, Dr. Ahmed El-Rabbany and Howard Biggar) to help orient the students to both the project and our department. Once the camp actually began, we had the high school students spend a morning in the field with our own students helping to collect data that they could see being used the following week when we brought them back to our Department for a tour. The tour consisted of a series of demonstrations highlighting the different aspects of the Department as well as our students processing the data that the high school students helped to collect. The final plan was then prepared, and a copy was mounted for presentation to the school as a "thank you" for their cooperation and support. A full resolution copy of the Oromocto High School plan in Adobe Portable Document Format (PDF) was also produced.

This is the fifth time that GGE students have mapped a Fredericton-area school. In previous years, students have mapped the grounds of Garden Creek School, Albert Street Junior High School, Montgomery Street Elementary School, and last year it was Fredericton High School.

Click here to fetch the PDF version of the plan, 707 KB. (If you don't have Adobe's Acrobat Reader, required to display PDFs, you can get it for free.)

The map was formally presented to the high school at a special ceremony on 21 December 1999. The current principal, Dr. Sharon Crabb, the past principal, Paul Dowling, and teacher Calvin MacDonald gratefully accepted the plan on behalf of the OHS faculty and students. Beth-Anne Martin, one of the OHS students who participated in the project, plans on enrolling in geomatics engineering at UNB in September 2000.

Click on the thumbnail image to get a better look at the presentation, 27 KB.