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Welcome to the Graduate Program of Geodesy and Geomatics Engineering (GGE) at UNB

Dr. Emmanuel Stefanakis, Associate Professor, P.Eng. Mrs. Sylvia Whitaker
GGE Director of Graduate Studies GGE Graduate Student Administrator

We would like to welcome you to the GGE graduate program. The GGE department has a long and very proud history of excellence in research and education at the graduate level. The department has consistently received top ranking in research within the university, and it is well known internationally in the various fields of Geomatics. For example, our research in GPS and geodesy, GIS, remote sensing, engineering surveys, ocean mapping, and land administration have all been recognized as being in the forefront of Geomatics innovations. We also excel at interdisciplinary approaches that incorporate all of these fields and relate them to other disciplines such as geology, physics, civil engineering, oceanography, and law.

Since our first graduate student in 1963, more than 500 students from countries all around the world have obtained postgraduate degrees from GGE - we are proud of all of them (see for example, Some of our Recent Graduates). We average approximately 55 graduate students per year representing a range of 15 to 20 (or sometimes more) different countries. The international experience in our graduate program is a major strength of our program - in terms of our students, faculty research, and graduate employment.

We offer a variety of degrees and post graduate diplomas and we invite you to explore our web site to see if there is something of interest to you. There is no specific deadline for applications although international students must allow plenty of time (e.g., often 3-6 months) to obtain student visas. There are sometimes opportunities for funding through research and/or teaching but this is also very competitive. Since we are unable to fund all of the good students that apply we have also created a course-based Masters program that most students should finish within one to two years.

For other information about applying for graduate studies please go to:

If you need further information please contact Dr. Stefanakis or Sylvia.