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This section explains how users can send us GPS observation files in RINEX format. Each file will be processed simultaneously by the online PPP services described in the Online PPPs section. The outputs from those PPP services will then be combined into a single report which facilitates comparisons. An email will be sent to notify the user of the URL needed to retrieve the report from an anonymus ftp server.

Please read carefully the following steps and guidelines to assure a successful processing of your data sets:

  • Send an email to containing, as an attachment, your observation file in RINEX 2 or 3 formats. (Some Online PPPs may not process RINEX 3 data)

  • Your attachment can be compressed using a UNIX compression program and have the extension .Z, or using gzip (.gz). A Windows executable of the "Compress" program can be downloaded here. v2.0 provisionally accepts .zip and .7z files.

  • v2.0 sets the maximum number of submitted observation files per user per day at ten (10) and sets the maximum number of observation files per email at five (5).

  • The RINEX file should respect either the RINEX 2 or RINEX 3 naming conventions, though this isn't strictly enforced.

  • The topic of your email must be either "Static" or "Kinematic" (without the quotation marks) depending on the type of processing you wish to perform. v2.0 introduces the Subject Line Interface as an alternative.

  • Please be patient. Since your data set must be processed by several software products, a certain latency (5-15 minutes, typically) should be expected.

  • If you do not get a reply within an hour, please try again. If you still do not receive any reply after your second attempt, please contact us.

  • Please do not write automated scripts sending repeatedly observation files to be processed, as it may overload the computer handling those tasks. An abusive use of the system will result in your email address being added to the spam filter.

  • Be aware that most online PPP services do not process data from low Earth orbiters (LEO), e.g. CHAMP.