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Nowadays, precise point positioning (PPP) is gaining more and more popularity in the GNSS scientific community. Several software products implementing a PPP processing strategy have been developed recently by government agencies, universities, industries and individuals. Some online PPP services are also available, and GNSS users might wonder if those services are identical or not.

Having a simple and efficient means of comparing solutions provided by each PPP service then becomes a desirable outcome. With this idea in mind, the Precise Point Positioning Software Centre has been created under the auspices of the Geomatics for Informed Decisions Network of Centres of Excellence. It allows for:

  • An easy comparison of PPP solutions provided by different online PPP services
  • An increased reliability for the user by giving access to independent PPP solutions
  • An insight at the performance of different implementation strategies
  • A means of validation for potential PPP software developers
  • An opportunity to share information on PPP and identify its strengths and limitations

This website is organized as follows:

The Online PPPs section gives users easy access to online PPP services.

The Submit Data section allows GNSS users to submit a RINEX observation file, and obtain a report comparing the solutions from several online PPP services.

The Examples section provides examples of the type of report created by this website.

The Software Registration section welcomes developers of online PPP services to join the application comparison opportunities provided by this website.

The Contact Us section is there to answer questions and/or comments you might have about this website.