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The Geodetic Research Laboratory

The Geodetic Research Laboratory (GRL) was established in 1985 to unify and coordinate research activities by the geodesy/hydrography group in the Department. The faculty members associated with the lab are Richard Langley, Petr Vaníček, Peter Dare, Marcelo Santos, and Don Kim.

Activities in the GRL focus on research and development in the areas of static and kinematic positioning with the Global Positioning System (GPS), satellite altimetry, geoid determination, crustal deformation, the earth's rotation, and tropospheric and ionospheric studies.

Prof. Richard Langley's group in the GRL is engaged in the development and assessment of global navigation satellite systems (GNSS -- the Global Positioning System and the Russian GLONASS) techniques and algorithms for geodetic and high-precision surveying applications and for aircraft navigation and spacecraft systems. Recent accomplishments include development of algorithms to robustly model the tropospheric and ionospheric propagation delay experienced by GNSS, investigating means to improve the accuracy of differential systems used in conducting helicopter approaches to offshore structures, and the development of techniques for time and frequency synchronisation on low-earth-orbiting (LEO) spacecraft, and determining the trajectories of LEO spacecraft, and improving the accuracy and efficiency of high-precision kinematic GPS positioning.