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Komjathy Awarded Governor General's Gold Medal

Attila receiving the medal from Her Honour, Marilyn Trenholme Counsell, Lieutenant-Governor of New Brunswick. (Photo: Joy Cummings, 25 October 1998)

Attila with his medal. (Photo: Dave Wells, 25 October 1998)

The Academic Medal shows the personal Coat of Arms of the current Governor General on one side and the likeness of their Excellencies Roméo LeBlanc and Diana Fowler LeBlanc on the other.

The motto of the Order of Canada "Desiderantes Meliorem Patriam" (they desire a better country - Hebrews 11:16) circles the shield on the coat of arms and the motto "Semper Amissos Meminisse Decet" (It is proper always to remember the unfortunate) is on a ribbon at the bottom.

Attila. Was the hat too small or your head too big? (Photo: Wendy Wells, 25 October 1998)

During his visit to Fredericton to receive the medal, Attila presented a well-attended seminar entitled "Application of GPS as a New Remote Sensing Tool: Retrieval of Ocean Surface Wind Speed." (Photo: Richard Langley, 27 October 1998)