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From left to right (with UNB degrees or affiliations), front:

Michael Lodin, M.Sc.E. 1990: Now with British Columbia government.

Mike Pearson, B.Sc.E. 1970; LIM Diploma 1981; M.Sc.E. 1989: Now President of Geonet Technologies Inc., Bedeque, Prince Edward Island.

David Pullar, LIM Diploma 1985: Formerly with ESRI in California; now back in Australia.

Angus Hamilton, Professor emeritus.

Dozie (Innocent) Ezigbalike, Ph.D. 1988: A faculty member of the Department of Geomatics Engineering in the University of Melbourne, Australia.

Matthias Uhlenbruck, M.Sc.E. 1988: Now working with Intergraph Corp. in British Columbia.

John McLaughlin, B.Sc.E. 1969; M.Sc.E. 1971: UNB vice-president of research and international cooperation.

David Wells, Ph.D. 1974: Professor in the department.

Malcolm Brown, M.Sc.E. candidate 1986-87: Geographer from Manitoba, tragically killed in a car accident in 1991.

On the stoop:

Elizabeth Dillon, M.Sc.E. candidate 1985-89: Now a GIS consultant in Fredericton.

Dave Coleman, B.Sc.E. 1976; M.Sc.E. 1988: Now Chair of the Department of Geodesy and Geomatics Engineering.

Fee Ling Chin, B.Sc.E. 1988; M.Sc.E. 1991: Now with Corel in Ottawa awaiting a work permit to move to the U.S.A.

Arthur Tsen, M.Sc.E. 1991: Still living in Edmonton, Alberta.

Phil Rapatz, M.Sc.E. 1991: now with Western Geophysical in Houston, Texas.

Sue Nichols, M.Eng. 1983; Ph.D. 1992: Associate professor in the department.