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Prof. Zhang's Work Featured on Front Cover of Photogrammetric Engineering & Remote Sensing

Adapted from PE&RS:

The image of this month's journal cover is a mosaic of the original and pansharpened WorldView-2 imagery, covering a portion of the campus of Peking University. The original 2.0-m multispectral (MS) image and 0.5-m panchromatic (pan) image are shown on the left and bottom respectively. The pansharpened 0.5-m MS image is shown on the right. The band combinations of the color composites are (from top to bottom) bands 8, 6, 4, bands 7, 4, 1, and bands 5, 3, 2 (natural colour), displayed in red, green, blue. Peking University is the first modern national university in China founded in 1898. The beauty of its campus with traditional Chinese architecture is renowned nationally. According to the Nature Index 2016, Peking University is ranked as the 16th top research institution in the world and the 2nd top Rising Star in the years from 2012 to 2015.

The Fuze Go® MS-Sharp software, an improved algorithm based on the UNB Pansharp algorithm developed by Dr. Yun Zhang at the University of New Brunswick, was used to produce the pansharpened 0.5-m WorldView-2 MS image. The UNB Pansharp algorithm has been used by DigitalGlobe Inc. to pansharpen its satellite images in a fully automated fashion since 2003. The DigitalGlobe Foundation provided the original 2.0-m MS and 0.5-m Pan images for producing this cover image. They were recorded on August 27, 2015.