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Shad Valley Students Visit GGE

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The Shad Valley program helps top students at senior high schools in Canada to find their edge in the competitive, knowledge-based world of tomorrow. Shad Valley's mission is to provide a transformational experience – one that unleashes the entrepreneurial and innovative potential of exceptional youth. The Shad Valley program builds on an academic foundation of mathematics, science, engineering, and entrepreneurship to develop intellectual excellence in the participating students.

During the visit, GGE's AGIP team (Prof. Yun Zhang, David Fraser, and three graduate students: Sina Khiabani, Rakesh Mishra, and Amir Abouhamzeh) provided presentations and live demonstrations. David Fraser coordinated the event and provided a brief introduction to GGE and remote sensing; Dr. Zhang introduce the technologies developed in GGE; and the three students presented live demonstrations on motion detection, satellite image online mapping, the UNB PanSharp software, and 3D satellite image online mapping. Some of these technologies have been used by organizations around the globe, including Google, NASA, and the U.S. and Canadian military. Other technologies have demonstrated the potential for commercialization.

The Shad Valley students were very excited to see that many technologies, such as Street View and satellite image online mapping, were developed by GGE many years before Google started their developments. The UNB PanSharp technology was selected as one of the top 100 university technologies, together with those from MIT, Stanford, Columbia, Brown, and other leading universities. The students were also excited to see some other new technologies in development that they hadn't even heard about before. During the visit, some students said that the technology developments in GGE were so interesting that they are tempted to come to GGE for their undergraduate studies.

David Fraser providing an introduction to GGE and geomatics.

Sina Khiabani demonstrating distance measurement using security cameras.

Rakesh Mishra providing a live demonstration of UNB PanSharp (image fusion software).

Shad Valley students watching the live demonstrations.