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2008 Student Technical Conference
Photos: Sylvia Whitaker, 2008-March-10 & 11

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Focus Corporation Graduate Paper Competition
1st - $1,000 James Mtamakaya Assessment of NAD83 (CSRS) Weekly Solutions as part of a Stable North American Reference Frame (SNARF)
2nd - $300 Maciej Bazanowski Geodetic Monitoring and Physical Interpretation of Deformation in PCS Potash Mine in Sussex, NB, Canada
3rd - $200 David Avalos On the Assessment of Geoid Models

CIG Undergraduate Paper Competition
1st - $1,000 Sarah Moore Examining Gridding Methods of Lidar Data of an Urban Area
2nd - $300 Landon Urquhart Analysis of Multi-frequency Carrier Phase Linear Combinations for GNSS
3rd - $200 Nick Bardsley An Evaluation of Leica Spidernet for RTK Reference Data at Various Baselines

Download the conference program.

Many thanks go to Angus Hamilton, Professor Emeritus, and Shawn Benteau, graduate of GGE and Contract Coordinator Geomatics, CFB Gagetown, for judging the graduate paper competition and George McKessock, Murdock McAllister, and Jim Martin, CIG members and graduates of GGE, for judging the undergraduate paper competition. Thank you to Ben Wuest and Kealebogo Moreri for organizing the conference, and once again, a very special thank you to Sylvia Whitaker who offered support for the organizers and for putting on a beautiful reception afterward.

Left to right: Angus Hamilton, Zhen Xiong, Maciej Bazanowski, Sheng Gao, Kealeboga Moreri, James Mtamakaya, David Avalos, Ben Wuest, Shawn Benteau.

Sue Nichols presenting Maciej Bazanowski with his award and cheque.

Sue Nichols presenting James Mtamakaya with his award and cheque.

Left to right: Kyle Bower, Genevieve Baker, Jeremy Inman, and Brett Richardson.

Left to right: Burns Foster, Suresh Jeyaverasingam, Natalie Waye, and Clark Langridge.

Left to right: Vincent Le Roy, Adam Patterson, Rory O'Connell, and Timothy Moore.

Left to right: Jennifer Hennessy and Marc Steeves.

Back left to right: Sarah Moore, Chris Fox, Nick Bardsley, Alix d'Entremont, Tristan Goulden, Session Chair.

Front left to right: Landon Urquhart and Ben Wuest, Co-Organizer.

Sarah Moore receiving her 1st place prize and cheque from Jim Martin.

Landon Urquhart receiving his 2nd place award and cheque from Jim Martin.

Nick Bardsley receiving his 3rd place award and cheque from Jim Martin.