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2003 Student Technical Conference

Photos: Joy Cummings-Dickinson, Media Services, Integrated Technology Services, UNB

Front row: Left to right - Kevin Pegler, GGE 4711 Instructor; Peter Dare, Chair; Garfield Giff, Organizer; Jonathan Beaudoin, Presenter.

Second row: Left to right (all presenters) - Xinyue Chang, Teresa Tang, Katie Munroe, Robert Fish, Eric Quirion, Ping Ping Xie.

Third Row: Left to right (all presenters) - Richard (Hon Shing) Chan, Kyle Harrington, Cory Tucker, Jason Bartlett, Mathieu Bourgeois, Paul Hatch, Jonathan Phillips, George Dias.

Back Row: Left to right (all presenters) - Vaughn MacDonald, Kevin Smith, Parker Minard, Boipuso Nkwae, Tim Coulas, Christine Delbridge, Wade MacNutt.

Missing: David Mayunga, Presenter; Jason Bond, Presenter

This year the Canadian Institute of Geomatics' Paper Competition was held during the Conference. The five presenters and their topics were:

Christine Delbridge GIS Landmark Pictures
Wade MacNutt Delineating Watersheds Using a Digital Terrain Model
Katie Munroe The Development of a Process to Mask out Upland Portions of High Resolution Satellite Imagery
Eric Quirion An Assessment of Leica's Vector IV Binoculars and Rockwell's PLGR+96
Kevin Smith Enhancing the Efficiency of Orbit Improvement Processing

Geodesy and Geomatics Engineering would like to extend our sincerest thanks to the New Brunswick Branch of the Canadian Institute of Geomatics (CIG) for their generous donation of the $1,000.00 - Undergraduate 1st place award. The 2nd place winner received a cash prize of $200.00, while 3rd place received $100.00. Both 2nd and 3rd place undergraduate awards were donated by GGE (see photo below for winners).

Further information on CIG can be found at

Left to right - Kevin Pegler, GGE 4711 Instructor; Christine Delbridge, 3rd Place Winner; Kevin Smith, 2nd Place Winner; Wade MacNutt, 1st Place Winner; Mark Doucette, Chair, New Brunswick Branch, Canadian Institute of Geomatics.

The winners of the CIG Paper Competiton will be announced in the September issue of Geomatica. The 1st place winner, Wade MacNutt will submit his paper for publication in the same issue.

This year, for the first time, prizes were offered to the top three presenters for "Outstanding Performance in the Graduate Paper Competition." Donations were received from the Canadian Centre for Geodetic Engineering (CCGE) and Focus Corporation of Alberta . The Department would like to extend a sincere thank you to both CCGE and Focus for their generous contributions thus allowing us to offer these awards.

Left to right - Adam Chrzanowski, Director of the Canadian Centre for Geodetic Engineering; Kevin Pegler, 3rd Place Winner; Ping Ping Xie, Honourable Mention; George Dias, 2nd Place Winner; Jonathan Beaudoin, 1st Place Winner; John Holmlund, President and CEO of Focus Corporation.

Abstracts for the above Conference can be found here (a 544 KB PDF document).

Additional photos of the conference can be found at: