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Photo: CARIS employee, 2003-November-18

The photo was taken during a short visit to CARIS by the delegation. Back row, from left to right: Alejandro Gerons (CARIS), Sam Ng'ang'a (GGE), Gonzalo Cowley (Viña del Mar), Mario Mancilla (Region V Government), Ian Methven (CPS), Fernando Aldea (Region V Government), Garfield Giff (GGE), Andrew Bauder (Sustainable Cities Initiative (SCI) of Industry Canada), John Fleming (GGE).

Middle row, left to right: Victoria Nickerson (UNB Law), Veronica McGinn (CPS), Norma Domenech (Information Highway Applications Branch (IHAB) of Industry Canada), Hernan Soto (Viña del Mar), Karina Francis (Region V Government), Juan Carlos Tempini (Valparaíso).

Front row: Guillermo Hurtado (Region V Government).