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Second Canada-Brazil Lessons Learned Symposium

Drs. Marcelo Santos and Sue Nichols and former Executive in Residence, Dave Carney (in the middle), working on the final report following the plenary session. (Photo: Leonardo Oliveira, 2003-October-22)

Participants in the poster session. From left are Luiz Paulo Fortes (IBGE), Moema Augusto (IBGE), Sue Nichols, Ivanise Maciel (Brazilian Embassy in Canada), and Marcelo Santos. (Photo: Leonardo Oliveira, 2003-October-20)

At the opening session, from left are Gordon Garrard (NRCan), Moema Augusto (IBGE), Marcelo Santos, Dave Carney, Leonardo Oliveira (IME), Luiz Paulo Fortes (IBGE), and Sue Nichols. (Photo: Local waiter, 2003-October-19)

Marcelo Santos and Leonardo Oliveira during a visit to the Geodetic Survey Division in Ottawa. (Photo: Moema Augusto, 2003-October-23)