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Sue Nichols Visits Kazakstan Again

Photos: Sue Nichols' camera, 15 November 1999

Sue examines a new certificate of title produced in a land registration office in Akmola Oblast, Kazakstan. Other members of the World Bank team, including Mr. Gavin Adlington, are pictured in the background.

Time out for shopping! Sue Nichols is wearing her new fur hat purchased at the Astana market in Kazakstan. Sue has been working with the World Bank land registration project in Kazakstan. Pictured with her is Tatiana Ouzanouva of American Cadastre (AMCad) who has been developing registration procedures and survey regulations for the project. Sue, Tatiana, and GGE grad Ivan Ford (B.Sc.E. 1981; M.Sc.E. 1990) have worked together on various projects in Eastern Europe and Central Asia since 1994.