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Larry Mayer Awarded Honorary Doctorate

Larry (prior to receiving his laurel wreath) listening intently to the reasons why he was the recipient of an honorary degree.

Above and below: Larry being "crowned" with his laurel wreath by the conferrer, Professor Torsten Ekedahl.

Having been crowned with his laurel wreath (a symbol of academic freedom), Larry shakes hands with Professor Ekedahl.

The banquet held following the conferment of the honorary degrees.

The ceremony began with the arrival of massed standards (the Swedish flag, Stockholm University standard, the flag of the European Union, and different student flags) carried by the undergraduate students. There was a rotation of students every 10 minutes.

The ceremony was held in the City Hall of Stockholm.

Larry with Prof. Jan Backman, his sponsor, from the Department of Geology and Geochemistry, Stockholm University.

The diploma.