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Over the Bounding Waves with Hydro Camp 1999

Photos: Dave Wells, 3-7 November 1999

UNB's vessel Mary O passing over and mapping intake pipelines used to supply salt water to the marine biology tanks at the DFO St Andrews Biology Station. The pipelines were mapped by the combined GGE4053 (Hydro I) / GGE 4072 (Hydro II) classes the weekend of 3-7 Nov 1999.

Mark MacDonald (B.Sc.E. 1994) of Fugro Jacques Geosciences prepares to remove the Reson 8101 multibeam sonar transducer from the Mary O, as Dave Benteau (B.Sc.E.1995), also of FJG, points out the transmitter and receiver arrays to students.

Dave Benteau prepares to clamp the gimbals of the SG Brown gyrocompass leased for the multibeam sonar project weekend.

Sean Galway points out the working components of the sound speed profiler borrowed from the Canadian Hydrographic Service for the multibeam sonar project weekend.

Jeremy Nicholson (far right, B.Sc.E. 2000) of Universal Systems Limited explains the steps involved in cleaning multibeam data to (far to near) Huong Nguyen, Jason Silliker, Dave Benteau, Sean Galway, and Mark MacDonald.

Jeremy Nicholson of Universal Systems Limited, and UNB students Katherine Ross and Jennifer Johns relax after a day's work on the water.